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Since the late nineties, satellite television has drastically changed the media landscape of the Middle East and North Africa. As seen in the photo, dishes are literally everwhere: on rooftops, on balconies, sticking touside windows and even sitting on shacks. Homes can now access hundreds if not thousands of satellite channels in a number of different languages. Christian agencies have jumped on this unobstructed door of ministry and have been presenting the Gospel in one form or another. Except that with over 20 Arabic Christian channels none was providing a daily solid Bible exposition, none until Thru The Bible Radio Network and Endure International partnered to produce for television Dr. J. Vernon McGee's studies. Production costs were fully covered by TTB and airtime was free. In February of 2013 the first televised Arabic TTB program began airing on one Arabic Christian satellite channel. In July of that same year, and due to the richness of the program, the high quality of production and popular demand, a second Arabic Christian satellite channel asked to air it, also free of charge. And if that were not enough, a third channel asked for the same and began airing it in January of 2014. Depending on where they live, viewers can watch as many as 7 airings a day, Monday to Friday of every week. The links below allow viewers to watch previous and up to date episodes at will, be that on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter or on the program site itself. While you may not understand much of what is being said, we covet your prayers for the millions that watch it broadcast direct across the globe, and for those watching it over the internet.

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