Endure International: Promoting the Welfare of the Church in the Middle EastEndure International

Our Ministry


We in Endure International strongly believe that God is in the business of building His church. We take that very seriously, to the extent that we also have set it as our goal, which is:

To help establish viable, reproductive, Biblically-sound and self-supporting churches in every major city across the Middle East

General principles that define our philosophy of ministry:

  1. The Bible will always be the only foundation to all aspects of Endure International, its priorities, policies and practices.
  2. God's unique agent for missions in the world is the church. Therefore, the role of the church is unique and central in world history. That is why Endure International strongly affirms its attachment to the church both at home and abroad, seeking where and when possible to partner with, minister to and through the local church.
  3. It is our conviction that indigenous believers should be given ownership of reaching their own people for Christ, and of planting churches. The role of foreign missions is to equip them to carry out these responsibilities.
  4. We are committed to work in partnership with like-minded Evangelical organizations and churches, as long as we each forgo our personal agendas and work to meet the needs of the local church. We exist to serve the interests of the local church and to seek its welfare, not ours.
  5. Though we realize that there may be extreme cases when indigenous believers will be forced to leave their countries; that will never be our emphasis or priority. We are committed to do everything in our power to provide the moral and spiritual support believers need in such cases. Securing a foreign safe haven is our last resort.
  6. Endure International is committed to work with every people group in the Middle East where God is at work without discrimination.