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Welcome to Endure International

Welcome to Endure InternationalChildren's ministry is a fundamental part of what we do.

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From the heart of the Middle East, the message of Christ traveled in every direction. The first church was birthed in Jerusalem, and soon after branched off in Antioch, then in Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey, and then to innumerable locations across the Middle East and beyond.

Two thousand years later, things have dramatically changed. The numbers of Christians across the region have since dwindled. In many cases the Church has all but survived; whereas in the land of its birth, the ratio of Christians to non-Christians is at an all time low of just 1%. The reasons for the general decline of Christians and of the church in the region are varied.

Endure International is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 with the aim of sustaining and assisting Christian believers and churches throughout the Middle East in their life and witness.

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